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Spa Services for Your Pet in Raleigh

Professional Grooming Services For Your Pet

Here at Leesville Animal Hospital, we have a top class Raleigh dog groomer on our team who can take care of your every grooming need. Whether you own an English bulldog or an Afghan hound, bathing and grooming are important parts of your pet's health and comfort.

Our spa staff strives to make your pet feel comfortable during every visit by employing a variety of calming and reassuring methods. These methods include talking calmly to your pet, making accommodations for special needs pets, and providing a gentle massage.

Our pet spa family understands the importance of a positive spa experience for your pet. That is why we select our pet spa team members not only for their skills but also for their ability to connect with animals.

The Pet Spa Experience

The Leesville Animal Hospital pet spa and Raleigh dog groomer offer a number of specialized amenities, including:

  • The Hydro-Surge bathing system. A unique bathing system designed to improve skin health by delivering oxygen while thoroughly cleansing your pet's coat.
  • Special needs bathing products. Shampoos and conditioners designed for a variety of special dermatological needs.
  • Drying services. Our drying services ensure that your pet's coat is brushed out thoroughly and left silky smooth!

Included in your pet's spa experience is a complete head to toe assessment of your pet's body. There are a number of reasons that we provide this through assessment of your pet during the bathing and grooming process.

  • Spa staff can ensure that they are familiar with your pet's body so that they are able to notice any changes that take place over time.
  • Mats in your pet's coat can easily be located so that they can be removed prior to bathing.
  • Fleas, ticks, and hotspots can easily be found and treated.

In addition to the amenities and services listed above, our pet spa offers the following:

  • Ear cleaning
  • Anal gland expression
  • Nail trimming
  • Brushing out of the coat

Medicated Baths

Medicated baths are often utilized to treat dermatitis, yeast, mange, and the overproduction of oil. If one of our vets recommends a medicated bath for your pet, allow our pet spa professionals to help!

Our staff is familiar with the special needs of many dermatological conditions. This knowledge ensures that your pet receives specialized care as well as the soothing relief that they deserve.

Bathing with Kennel Stays

Our pet spa staff believe that all pets should feel clean, looked after, and smell amazing. That is why we offer a basic bath to all of our pet hotel guests staying for 7 days or more. This service not only leaves your pet feeling refreshed after their stay, but it also leaves them smelling great for pick-up!

Schedule Your Grooming Appointment Today

Our pet spa is dedicated to providing high quality services with attention to detail. This means that we are confident in our ability to provide your pet with a professional spa experience.

The Leesville Animal Hospital pet spa requires appointments for bathing and grooming services. To schedule your pet’s visit, please call us at (919) 887-8808.

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  • “Calm, organized, and accessible.”

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