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Preventative Pet Healthcare in Raleigh

A Crucial Part of Maintaining Your Pet's Overall Health

At Leesville Animal Hospital, we believe strongly – as all veterinarians should – in the power of preventative healthcare. That is why we employ a full team of staff to stay on top of your pet's regular routine preventative healthcare checks!

Preventative healthcare is the key to a healthy and happy life for your pet. It not only helps to maintain overall good health, but it also serves as an early detection system for warning signs of illness.

Our veterinarians provide a multi-faceted approach to preventative healthcare. Allowing them to evaluate your pet's current health as well as to determine their risk for potential health concerns. This ensures that your pet always receives a healthcare plan that is catered specifically to their individual needs.

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What Is Preventative Healthcare?

The term “preventative healthcare” refers to a proactive approach to caring for your pet. This technique of pet care not only prevents disease, but it also provides a much earlier diagnosis of health concerns and conditions that may arise.

Our vets take this approach to your pet's healthcare routine through annual exams during which we assess your pet's complete physical health. These visits may also be scheduled more often if your pet is very young, advanced in years, or currently suffering from a chronic health condition.

Some of the things that our veterinarians may evaluate and discuss with you during your pet's preventative healthcare visit include:

  • Behavioral concerns: If you have any concerns about your pet’s behavior, our veterinarians will discuss these with you and present possible solutions based on your pet's individual needs.
  • Dental health: Our veterinarians will assess your pet's dental health to determine whether they have any current dental issues that need addressing.
  • Diet: Your pet's diet plays a significant role in their overall health, from nutrition to weight.
  • Major organ functioning: Checking your pet's heart and lungs as well as their eyes, ears, and nose are critical aspects of annual healthcare examinations.
  • Parasite testing: Testing for parasites such as intestinal worms or heartworms is also recommended during an annual veterinary visit.
  • Skeletal and nerve health: Your pet's skeletal health may also be assessed during their preventative healthcare exam. This involves looking at your pet's joint health, taking x-rays when necessary, and assessing nervous system reactions and reflexes.
  • Vaccinations: During your pet's preventative healthcare visits, they will receive any necessary vaccinations to prevent disease.
  • Weight: If your pet is overweight or underweight, our veterinarians will help you establish a plan to get your pet to a healthy weight to improve their quality of life.


Leesville Animal Hospital now offers Paws4Wellness, a program designed to help you select the best wellness plan for your pet. Each plan provides the preventative care your pet needs for a single monthly payment. Learn more about our available options.

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