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Veterinary Pharmacy in Raleigh

Does Your Pet Require Regular Medication?

Here at Leesville Animal Hospital, we have a fully stocked in house pharmacy. This allows for you to pick up your pet's medications at the time of your appointment. This makes for faster relief for your pet as well as one less stop in your busy day!

Another incredible benefit of our in house pharmacy is that we offer competitively priced medications. We know that you work hard for your money and still want to provide the best of care to your pet.

Whether you are picking up a new prescription after your appointment or grabbing a refill as you pass by, our pharmacy staff work hard to provide fast and informational service on every visit.

Why We Utilize Our Own In-House Pharmacy

Quite simply, we believe in quality control of the medications that we carry. In addition, we believe in your education of how your pet's medications function, how they should be administered and any side effects or reactions that you should look out for after administration. Using our own pharmacy allows us to do this for every one of our clients no matter what their pet's diagnosis might be.

There are a good number of "internet vet pharmacy" companies out there that offer great pricing on a wide range of veterinary drugs. Here at Leesville we don't believe in referring our clients to these services because we value your furry family members as much as you do.

Many commonly used internet veterinary pharmacies are not authorized distributors of the medications that they sell. These "stores" therefore do not offer the manufacturer guarantees that our in house pharmacy offers, nor do they offer manufacturer rebates and - most importantly - they are not approved by the drug manufacturers. What does this mean for you and your pet? It means that by utilizing these sites not only are you taking chances with your pet's health, but you are also missing out on money saving opportunities. The Leesville in-house pharmacy offers manufacturer guarantees and always honor manufacturer rebate offers on your purchases.

Why Trust Us?

We Care for Your Companion
  • Quality Experience

    TheĀ Leesville Animal Hospital team remains up to date with the most recent veterinary techniques to provide the best experience to our patients.

  • Minimal Wait Times

    We pride ourselves on providing timely professional services and minimal wait times for you and your pets.

  • Compassionate Care

    From our front desk associates to our pet hotel staff, you and your furry family members will always receive gentle and loving care.

  • Expansive Facilities

    Leesville Animal Hospital is a spacious and modern clinic that offers your pet a comfortable home away from home.

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Real Reviews from Real Owners
  • “Amazing staff and kind vets”

    - Allison LoPiccolo
  • “Calm, organized, and accessible.”

    - Jan Kimball
  • “Calm, organized, and accessible.”

    - Jan Kimball