Raleigh Veterinarians Want to Remind You About Raleigh Leash Laws

Raleigh veterinarians have noticed an increasing trend of housecats going missing or getting injured after being allowed to roam free. Today we want to take a moment to remind you of the Raleigh leash laws and why they are important for cat and dog owners!

Raleigh Veterinarians Recommend Reading Local Leash Laws

Most Raleigh residents believe that leash laws are something that only applies to dogs and their owners. You might be surprised to learn, however, that leash laws apply to cats and their owners as well!

In the city of Raleigh as per the Raleigh government website:

It is against the law for domesticated animals such as dogs and cats to run unrestrained within the City Limits. They must be confined to their guardian’s property or walked on a leash. Guardians of dogs and cats can receive a misdemeanor citation for allowing their pets to run at large.

Why does this law apply to cats as well as dogs? Because these laws are designed to keep your pets and the general public safe.

When you allow your pet to wander free they are exposed to the elements

Firstly, when you allow your indoor cat to wander free outdoors, they are exposed to the elements. Many people question why this is a concern since cats are animals. The truth is, though, that human beings have domesticated cats over the years and this domestication has resulted in an entirely different animal than the wild animal many cat owners like to think their cat is. Domestication has resulted in numerous changes including reduced resistance to cold which is why you should always keep your cat indoors or on a leash when outside!

When you allow your pet to wander free they are exposed to environmental dangers

Another obvious downside to allowing your pet to wander free is that they are exposed to plenty of environmental dangers. Whether your cat is tasting antifreeze, encountering a highway, or simply meeting someone who is not a fan of animals, the environmental dangers posed to your cat when allowed to wander free are countless.

When you allow your pet to wander free they are exposed to local wildlife

Exposure to wildlife not only means that your cat could be hurt by other animals or hurt other animals, but it also means that they could become infected with any number of diseases. Some of these diseases are not solely cat-centric diseases either and can even result in you becoming ill as well!

Keep Your Cat Leashed

Any cat lover understands the importance of keeping their cat indoors or only allowing them outside when leashed, but occasionally they may slip out while a door is open. If your cat has slipped out and returned later and you’re concerned with the possibility that they may be ill or injured, call us today at (919)870-7000! We will be more than happy to take a look at your feline friend to ensure that they are healthy.