What Is Holistic Pet Food?

What is holistic pet food? There are many different types of diets and characteristics for pet food these days and as a pet owner, they can often become a little difficult to keep track of. Today we want to talk about holistic pet food.

Holistic Dog Food

Just What is Holistic Pet Food?

When referring to pet food the term holistic generally means turning away from the conventional and opting for alternative methods of feeding. Holistic pet foods manage to do this by focusing on higher quality ingredients and utilizing less filler in their products. This is the reason why you will find that the cost of holistic pet foods is so much higher than grocery store brands of dog food. Holistic pet foods provide fewer chemicals, fewer additives and less undesirable ingredients in their foods.

Why Should You Consider Holistic Pet Food?

So why should you consider feeding your pet a holistic food? Many pet owners balk at the price of holistic foods but it is important to understand why these foods cost more. Holistic foods contain higher quality ingredients and cater to your pets nutritional demands. Overall holistic foods are a healthier choice which means that your pet will experience less food-related illness and sensitivity. A pet that is fed a high-quality diet will generally live longer and be a healthier pet because their nutritional needs are being met and their systems are not being taxed with excessive chemical additives.

Does That Mean Holistic Pet Food is Right For Everyone?


It’s always important to feed your pet a diet that is optimized for their needs. You may be wondering what could be better than fewer additives and chemicals…well, there are numerous feeding choices out there! Holistic kibble might be the right choice for your dog, but then again raw feeding, home cooking, or selective protein kibble options may be right for your dog too.

So, how do you know which type of diet is best for your dog?

The first step in determining which food is right for your dog is to pay attention to their health, their habits, and their overall needs. For example, dogs that are more active tend to thrive when fed high-quality, higher-calorie diets which could fit any of the diets mentioned above. A dog with specific protein requirements, however, has more detailed dietary needs which cannot be met by all of these diets.

The second thing that you can do when deciding if a holistic pet food is right for your dog is to talk to your vet! Your vet knows your dog’s specific needs as well as their general needs and this can be helpful when matching your dog to a new diet. Don’t be afraid to ask your vet (as well as other pet owners) about their favorite pet foods and whether they would recommend the same food for your pet.

Want to Discuss Holistic Pet Foods and Other Feeding Options?

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