Support Your Local Raleigh Animal Shelter, Adopt or Donate!

Your local Raleigh animal shelter choices are many and every one of them is full to the point of bursting. When you choose to support your local Raleigh animal shelter, you save lives, help to improve our homeless pet population, and if you adopt a pet, you will open up a position at the local shelter for another pet in need of a home!

There are many reasons that a lot of our locals don’t support a local Raleigh animal shelter, but today we want to make sure that being unaware of our shelters isn’t one of them!

Shelter Dog

Find Your Local Raleigh Animal Shelter!

Whether you are looking for a new furry family member or just looking to help out by volunteering or donating, these Raleigh animal shelters could really use your help!

Wake County Animal Center

The Wake County Animal Center is operated by Wake County and is located at 820 Beacon Lake Drive, Raleigh. They are open from noon to 6 pm and you can contact them via phone at 919-212-PETS (7387). The center is always full and they have plenty of amazing adoptable pets looking for new homes!

If you aren’t in a position to adopt a new family member just yet, you can always do your part by volunteering, by sponsoring a homeless pet or by making a donation to the shelter.

Monetary donations, as well as physical donations, are always welcomed.

Some of the items this animal shelter is in need of include:

  • Paper Towels
  • Treats (unopened boxes)
  • Newspapers
  • Cat Litter
  • Small Mammal Supplies
  • Dog Toys (hard toys)
  • Fleece blankets
  • Wet cat/kitten food
  • Wet dog/puppy food
  • Pet Brushes and Combs
  • Kitten Formula (KMR) – unopened
  • Puppy Formula – unopened
  • Pet Nursing Kits
  • Pet Crates
  • Bath Towels
  • Cat Toys (plastic toys that can be sanitized – no fabric)

Another way that you can help the Wake County Animal Center is by becoming a foster home for one of their homeless pets! You can find out more information about the foster program here.

SPCA of Wake County

The SPCA of Wake County is a local, independent, non-profit organization and is located at 200 Petfinder Ln, Raleigh. They not only have dogs and cats up for adoption, but they also have small animals and occasionally farm animals too! Their adoption center opening hours are as follows:

Monday: 1:00pm-8:00pm
Tuesday: 11:00am-6:00pm
Wednesday: 11:00am-6:00pm
Thursday: 11:00am-6:00pm
Friday: 11:00am-6:00pm
Saturday: 11:00am-6:00pm
Sunday: 1:00pm-6:00pm

You can contact them via phone at 919-772-2326.

You can also help this animal shelter by volunteering, by sponsoring a homeless pet or by making a donation to the shelter.

Monetary donations, as well as physical donations, are always welcomed. Many of the items needed by this shelter are the same as those needed by the Wake County Animal Center. If you would like a list of more specific items, it’s always best to call the shelter personally and ask what they need at the moment!

Benefits of Helping Your Local Animal Shelter

There are a good many benefits to helping your local animal shelter!

  • If you can’t afford a pet or can’t have a pet at the moment but love spending time with animals, volunteering is the perfect opportunity for you!
  • You get to know that you helped animals in need!
  • You are giving back to the community!
  • You get all the health benefits of being around animals (and there are plenty!)
  • You have the opportunity to bring families together if you volunteer at the shelter!

Plus, when you adopt a new pet, you can also take advantage of our pet adoption discount on your first visit to Leesville!

Already brought your new pal home? Give us a call at (919) 887-8808 and set up your first appointment with us to take advantage of the savings.