Is It Ever Okay To Dress Your Dog In Clothes?

When it comes to the issue of dressing up our dogs, some people are very “into” making fashion statements where others believe that pets should not be treated as fashion accessories. This raises a question though, is it ever okay to dress your dog in clothes?

Dog in Pink Robe

While here at Leesville Animal Hospital we are strongly against utilizing pets as fashion accessories, we do believe that there is a function for pet based clothing. Depending upon the breed of dog you own as well as their individual health and the condition of their coat, clothing can plan a significant part in keeping your dog healthy!

When winter rolls around, as humans we can easily slip on a coat when we get cold, but our dogs don’t have that capability and so it is left up to us to ensure that they stay warm when the mercury drops! Smaller dogs and dogs with short coats are particularly susceptible to chilling when the weather turns cold. Larger dogs and dogs that have thick double coats are better built to handle colder weather and tend not to lose body heat as quickly as the smaller breeds and those with thin short coats.

If you have a dog that seems to chill easily, you can remedy this by selecting a sweater or a coat as well as outdoor booties to protect them from the cold and to help maintain their body heat for longer periods of time when outdoors. Sure, we know some of you feel silly walking around with a clothed pet, but the bottom line is that it is what is best for your pet and it will keep them healthier when the cold weather rolls in!